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Mission Valley Pet Sitting Services

We treat your pets like MVP'S               760-644-0289


"This experience went above and beyond our expectations. I have already recommended your services to others in the event that they may need pet sitting."

Tara Taylor

"Thank you so very much Sari. You made our first pet sitter experience the best we could have ever imagined.Our schedule was so hectic on this trip and you gave us such peace of mind with your updates and pictures of our 3 fur babies. Your attention to detail and thoroughness is exemplary"

Sandy and Rick Taylor

"Everything was great. Hansel is very needy and your thoughtfulness was so appreciated."

Linda Ward

"Can't thank you enough! You were incredible-next time we are away I will definitely be using you again!"

Emily Spark

"Everything was perfect! I wasn't worried at all during our trip and felt completely at ease. You perform an invaluable service. Thank you!"

Kimberly Burns

"I rate you 5 stars. Amy is wonderful. I don't think our pets missed us at all. They seemed very content when we returned."

Herb and Patty Sanders

"Fidget looked great when I got back. And I loved the daily notes. Will definitely use Amy again! Thanks!"

Julianne Harrington

"So happy to find someone we trust and can feel confident leaving our fur babies with."

Christie Coats

"Your service was really more than I could have hoped for. I am happy to use you the next time."

Mimi Kramer

"We felt very comfortable with Mowgli in your care. Thank you for the peace of mind."

Rachel and Ivey Jones

"Great job Lori! We will definitely call you again."

Seth Sandler

"You did an amazing job. Thank you for taking care of our girls."

Charlotte Stier

"We can't thank you enough for the excellent care you gave to our 3 boys. The texts/pictures were extremely helpful in putting our minds at ease while we were away."

Debbie Vasquez

"I couldn't have been happier to have you care for Brie and Benson on my trip. It was a great relief to know they were well taken care of and comfortable at home. Thank you!"

Karen Sketch

"I was so pleased with your services Sari! I will definitely use your services again! Thank you so much!"

Tim and Paulette O'Shea

"Thank you for everything Sari.You are wonderful,caring, thoughtful and generous and Dunkin and August clearly loved you! We look forward to the next visit! ( and so do they!)"

Jennifer and Charles

" Amy was fantastic - I'd love to use her next time I'm out of town! Thank you!".

Greta Proctor

"Thanks so much for watching over Plato this year. My trips are so much easier knowing you are taking care of him."

Clark Graves

"Finding you Sari was a true God-send! When we returned home, our cats acted as if we had never been gone - which is the ultimate goal!! So many thanks."

Eric and Tricia Neinosack

"Ania was fantastic! She kept me very updated on my little girl. I will definitely use you guys again!"

Genna Comara

"Thank you so much for taking care of Annie! I am so glad I found you. You put our minds at ease while we were out of town."

Vicki and Brett Biggs

"So happy we found you! Thank you for being so good to Mesha and Gracie."

Terri Harder

"I just moved here and had to travel for business. Finding Sari was a real blessing. My sweet Mercedes took to Sari right away - a First! The daily IM's made me feel very confident that my angel was in good hands. Thank you Sari."


"Excellent care. Gave me the peace of mind I needed while traveling. Appreciated daily updates. Thanks again."

Tova Benaderet

"I am very pleased with your services. You provided a professional service with attention to detail and a true caring of my "kids" as if they were your own. In an industry that is somewhat hit and miss or fragmented or informal at best, you are outstanding. Thank you so much."

Lesley, Puck, Willie, and Little Miss Shadow

"This was the first time that we have used your services for our bulldog and couldn't be happier. After 5 days out of town, Amy did a great job and Shasta was a happy dog. Looking forward to utilizing your services again soon."

Deborah and Mark Levenson

"Amy Shaw is an excellent and reliable pet sitter! I was out of the country for 10 days and had total peace of mind that she was taking great care of my cat."

Karen Anspaugh

"Thank you for watching our dogs! We felt very comfortable leaving them in your care while we were away. Expect to hear from us again when we go out of town."

Sarah Mueller

"You are the only person besides me who Bella took to so quickly. Thank you for making her feel safe and happy while I was away."

Elizabeth Mantovani

"Thank you Sari for caring for our boy while we were gone. He could not have been in better hands."

Cindy Steele & Bill Baker

"You were fantastic-it's been wonderful knowing we can now travel and feel confident Lucky is in good hands! Thank you".

Aurelia and Patrick

"You did a great job. We are at ease knowing you took care of our pets and can tell you are a true animal lover by how happy our pets were when we arrived back at home. Thank you so much!"

Jeff and Sonia Staggs

"I can feel that you love these 2 pugs and the cat. That matters most of all to me. Other than that, everything else you did was only perfect."

Nancy Harrison

"Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help take care of Callie and Chance! You are so qualified, and your passion for animals shows in your work! Thanks for everything."

Katie Brimmer

"Wow - We really appreciate your professionalism, the meticulous care of our home, and most important of all, the loving care you gave Kokomo and Jasper while we were out of town. Thank you - until the next vacation."

Kathryn and Kathleen

"Thank you so much. I couldn't ask for better care of my dog.".

Theresa Podgorski

"Thank you for giving Scout comfort during our trip. He is a very sensitive boy and really appreciates hugs and love. I can tell he received both."

Issac and Jude Artenstein

"Loved the added toys and treats. Dogs seemed happy and well cared for. I loved the concern you had for Roxy even calling back the next day. It was nice to have a concerned, caring person to leave our dogs with. It made it easy to leave them in such good care."

Lona and Bob Davies

"We are impressed that you were so meticulous about every aspect of caring for our babies. Your professionalism is unrivaled."

Jenny and Donnie Sisk

"You did a superb job! We have named you "the Nanny".

Joe and Nancy Cortese

"Thanks for taking such good care of Dude. I know he enjoyed your visits."

Katie Kennedy

"Excellent service. Thank you so much.- look forward to working with you again."

Erin Kerr

"Thanks so much for being so thorough! I know my babies were in good hands."

Kelly Gaughan and Peter Schloegel

"Milton thanks you - as we do- for your love, attention and caring spirit."

Diane and Chris

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you provided to my animals. They all seem in great health and happy. I cannot ask for anything more. Also thank you for the notes. I did get a chance to read them and really enjoyed it. Looks like Ollie found a great friend to cuddle with. I will make sure to recommend you to any of my friends for any future pet sitting needs and I will definitely make use of your wonderful services again."

Meloney Thill

“Thanks so much for taking care of our girl Izzy".

Pam Fleming

“Thank you for coming and cheering me on yesterday at the wiener races. And thank you for always taking such good care of me”

Aimee Hebert for Elvis

"Thanks Sari. Kitties have never been treated better."

Elizabeth Colwell

"Thanks again so much for the help and the follow up."

Chris Powell

"Thanks you so much for caring for Coco."

Joi Spencer

"I knew Clancie was in good hands. Thank you."

Sharon Cleary